Brand Mission

MAE believes that we can
overcome the climate crisis
by mindful use of resources.

Did you know ?

A staggering 120 million tons of rice husk and a total
of approximately 500 million tons of
agricultural residue
is generated in India.

The abundance of this agricultural waste presents a serious ecological problem. It leads to the release of carbon dioxide, persistent smoke, and methane emissions resulting from its combustion, adversely impacting our environment.

At MAE, we see this challenge as an opportunity. Through Material Innovation, we reshape these natural fibres into opulent essentials, giving them a new life and keeping resources in the loop for longer while also sequestering carbon in the process.

Material Innovation

Our signature MAE Mellow Mugs are responsibly crafted from natural fibres, featuring a 'Rice Husk Biocomposite. 'With a perfect blend of Sustainability and Functionality, these mugs embody nature and the essence of our Material Innovation.

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At MAE, we are constantly researching and looking for innovative ways to recapture waste; Harnessing the power of nature and science to present materials that are Made of Earthen Elements and help us Restore Nature, one step at a time.

Join us in our mission and begin your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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